Goin’ home…

I’m heading home for the long weekend. If you need anything, leave a comment here, and I will be more than glad to answer it. Or, if you wish, call the cell phone, and it will give you instructions for getting a hold of me. I wish everyone a happy turkey day, and I will talk to you later.

Google is taking over the world.

Google, it’s the search engine that everyone loves to love. It’s handy, it can do many things for you, and it’s always right there when you need it. Now, being there for what you need when you need it is being taken to a whole new level. Google has a slew of new tools that it is pushing out there on the market that is revolutionizing the way you search, and more. The first of their newest tools is Google Desktop Search. This little utility allows you to search your computer for documents, e-mail, and several other types of files that normally exist out on your hard drive. It both searches for file names and inside the files. The best (most scary) part is that it puts these findings at the top of your normal Google search page. Next, Google has a pair of products that allow you to search the web a little easier, and those are it’s toolbar (which we have been praising since it’s introduction for it’s wonderful pop-up blocker), and the deskbar. The deskbar sits at the bottom of your screen, always waiting for input from you, while the toolbar hangs below your address bar in Internet Explorer (or unofficially in Firefox), both ready to take you to your best possible search results. But there are many more facets to Google that are waiting to be delved into. Right now, though, one of their best ventures is their e-mail service. It’s invitation only for right now, but with the storage space they offer combined with the new ability to let it download in any regular e-mail client, when it is released to the masses, there will definitely be something to get excited about. So now, Google controls your web and desktop by searching, and your e-mail with their GMail service, so what’s next? Well, there are talks of a Google operating system, complete with a Google browser and everything. Only time will tell what all Google has up their sleeve on this. It’s all a great thing, but I tell you one thing, it sure is scary.

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Somethings up

Something’s up with the site right now. My suggestion to remedy is get Firefox. But seeing as how that won’t happen, I’m working on a fix. For those of you who haven’t seen the sidebar, tell me how long it has been.
UPDATE: It’s fixed, hopefully, until I can get to figure out what about my referrals script IE wasn’t liking.

A minor note among majors

Quick updates on a few people:
Aaron: *poof* was the greatest idea ever. Never rescind it.
Laura D: Wow. I think that was the best five minutes of my life. Seriously. I never expected a call from you, ever. Thanks for that, it was well worth it.
Allison: Thanks for letting me steal that line. As soon as I call and get the flowers tomorrow, it’s going on the card.
And to everyone: The third and fourth iterations of the blog are now in alpha stage. This means they’re a dirty thoughts in my mind. Much to come soon, but I’ll give you a small preview…
Have fun taking a guess on what they are.

Altered States

The last few days, I’ve been seeing people in different lights. Much different that what I am used to. Allison is in love and torn at the heart, something that she hasn’t dealt with in a while. Tonight, I had two different female individuals that either called or stopped by while they were under the influence of something. One, a resident of the same dorm I am in, someone I keep an eye on because she is a good friend, came down, sipping on gin and juice, and I saw her go from ready to go on her first glass to totally out of it on her third. She just laid back on my bed and started singing along with pieces of my Winamp playlist as we talked. It was interesting. Well, another friend of mine, one who has been posted about recently, several times, calls me up, and she is high. Now, I’m a newbie to people being high, tonight was the first time I have ever had to deal with it (side note: Laura D, call me when you are, that way I can learn to deal with it), and I didn’t know how to handle it. Well, diplomacy kicked in, we talked for a few minutes, and then ended our conversation. Now, last night, when I was at her house, she told me that 1.) she had quit that stuff a long time ago, and 2.) she wasn’t going to do it again. Now, she told me that no matter what, the last time she did it was the last time ever. And then she does this shit and calls me to tell me she’s fucked out of her gourd. Thanks. Let’s me know how much I can fully trust you. Now, for all of you gentle readers who know who I am talking about, please, leave it out of the comments. She could get in trouble for it, and I’d rather her just ruin her life on her own terms rather than have someone speed up the process.

Where’s the way out…

There’s got to be some way out of this place. Not this physical place, this mental one, this place that I have trapped myself inside my mind. It’s hard to see the exit, because I have placed myself in the room, I didn’t find a way in. And without being able to know where the exit is, I can’t exit through it. Hence, the dilemma. In this place, I am finding myself. I am finding out what I feel, what all runs around in my mind throughout my days, the things that I don’t have time to listen to, but now have been stopped by. I am burnt out with ideas and things to do. I just want all that I have in the never-ending queue of social functions, schoolwork, and personal projects to disappear and be done, with no more intervention required on my part. So here I am, wallowing away study hours in the library, partly because I don’t have anything to study, partly because I can’t understand exactly what my professor wants from me. It’s a vague and confusing assignment, but I will do it and be done with it, just to get it off that list, that never ending list. Is it too much to ask what I want out of life? I just see everyone else having this amazing super fun wonderful time, and I wish that I could have the same thing for myself, and I am not finding it anywhere. Is it too much to ask for a little bit of love, and little bit of caring from somewhere else other than my own heart? It’s the intimacy, ths closeness that I feel to someone else that I am missing, It’s the thing I want above all else right now. And as soon as I think I find it, it slips away or it never was there in the first place. And then I put myself back into that place in my mind. Where I can’t get out. I’ve been typing for the past hour on this, ever since the person sitting here with me, covering my study hours, and I decided that it was time for a break, time to get away from the books and everything for a minute and just talk, blow off a little steam and relax what little we can before we have to bury ourselves back into the perilous depths of the library. Times like these are where you realize that you are weak, are in need of things that you may not be able to get a handle on, and that no one else can help you with. But then you realize that everyone else is in their own little personal hell just like that. And then it gets better. Just a little bit better. Because no matter that you are alone, you aren’t. And then you find your way out…


I’m working on making my site valid against all the HTML/XML/CSS checks that the W3C has put forward. In laymans terms, I’m making the site lovable to everyone so that no one has trouble seeing the site, even if they are blind.
Update: As you can see by two new buttons to the left, I am now approved for W3C over CSS and Bobby Section 508. Still working on XHTML 1.0 Strict and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0. Once all those are completed, it will be wonderful.
Second Update: Now I am XHTML Strict 1.0 compliant. Now just to get a few issues out of the way with accesibility. And all the buttons have been moved to the bottom of the column.

It's been one week since you looked at me.

This has properly stewed in my mind today, and now I feel qualified to write it and to get it out there. The last 6 days of my life have been a full rollercoaster ride up and down in emotions, stress, and general feeling. It all started Friday. Friday was a great day, it was the end to my week, a week in which not much had gone wrong, and one that I was about to go out and finish on a very high note. So I did finish my week properly, I went out to the Halloween party at Chewy's (one of my brothers in Alpha Sigma Phi) and had a great time of it all. I got drunk (which seems to be a reoccurring theme at parties I go to) while dressed up as a janitor, complete with broom, spray bottle, and latex gloves. I was a damn good drunk janitor (much like the janitors that were always back at my high school). Then, one of the hosts at the party decided to get in a fight with a neighbor, and all hell broke loose. So, it was 2:15 in the morning, I was drunk off my gourd, and stumbling back from past the sorority suites to Regents. That was a bad deal in and of itself. The part that was even worse was that I have to be up in ~7 hours to help a friend move to Paducah. And I got up, on time, and went and helped Ryan out. I worked on that until deep in the afternoon, and then I came back and crashed. HARD. I didn't really do anything until Sunday night, and even then I didn't do much. I got to see our flag football team kick some ass all over the Sigma Chi's. That was fun. Then Monday came and went. I had tests, they sucked, I had worked, and it sucked too. Monday night then decided to grace upon me many things that I had not yet experienced in college. First, was the ability and opportunity to drink on a Monday night. Definitely interesting if I do say so myself. The second thing Lady Luck decided to give was a lap dance, from a very attractive (and very drunk) girl from the 10th floor of the dorm. It was definitely a fun time, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly in receiving it. Then, Tuesday, about 9 AM, I awoke, and donned some garments so that I could go to work. I had already voted (absentee, three weeks ago), so I had nothing else to do. I put in around 6 hours, and then went home to veg. Well, my vegging turned into 6 hours of doing nothing, followed by 4 of sheer panic and overwork because I had forgotten about project that was due today. To do it right, it should have taken me about 10 hours, I did it in a little over 5. And all this was while the election was going on. And that had me stressed out as well. As well as Kelly and I talking on the phone. She was a welcome break from thinking for a while, and I really enjoyed our conversation. About 4, I tucked my worried little self in to bed, having not studied at all for the test that I had coming at 9:30, and not having that project done for my 1:30 as well. I awoke, at the crack of dawn, and continued to work on the project, right up until I had to depart for my 9:30 class. Got in there, did miserably on the test, and then headed off to humanities. Well, 20 minutes into class, the power cuts out. Two things ran through my mind. One was to get to the business building and make sure the servers get shout down properly, and the second was that if the power was still out by the time that class rolled around, I was gonna be pissed. I would have put in all that work for absolutely nothing. And then I would have just fallen over dead. Well, the power did come back on, and there was much rejoicing. Went through the motions to finish up the rest of that day. A couple of exciting things did happen though. One, I got my big brother, Shams, and while not my fist choice, he is still an AWESOME guy. The second was that I went out to eat at the Log last night. With Kelly. It was all cool. Just friends. At least for right now. And then today came. And today was good. I got lots of things done. I went to all my classes. I kicked the ass of a biology test. I did many things that made it so today was a great day. And for that I am happy. I may even get to see some special people this weekend, depending on how things go. Life’s good, and I like it that way.