Conservatism comes to a bunch of rednecks.

While watching SPEED Channel earlier today (I have an obsession with Pinks), the host of that show was in a commercial, and it was for PETA.  PETA, a bunch of uber-hippies that think any sort of livestock farming is bad, advertising on a channel populated by NASCAR fans, those who cook a whole cow on Sunday to have all their buddies over to watch the race.

Cue Alanis Morissette.

Define: New.

To start.  To begin.  Of Recent Origin.

I’m tired of staring at a stagnant blog every time I open any browser at home.  Whether I’m on Bowser (ye olde laptop computer machine) or Luigi (the $50 special from John Dillon), or Mario (the beast of a box that just got more beastier), I see every time I open up Firefox (for you really bleeding edge folks, also look at SwiftFox).  Every couple of days I’ll post something on, so when their nightly cron job runs, I get an “update”.  One of those bullshit “hey this is what I found while riding my motorcycle on the intarweb tubes” post-lets.  And I’m sick of seeing links on my front page.  I’m also sick of seeing that sunrise, and really sick of seeing the white bleach my eyes for the 5 seconds that I’m on the page.  That is why I’ve opted for something.

Something new.

You Reader-ites, get off your feeds and onto my page.  Not only are you shocked that I made an update, but even more shocked (I’m sure) that I’ve changed the theme and all other related manner of things around here.

The Deezil Blog, 5.0.  Defined.