Slate’s wiped clean

I’ve moved all the old posts behind the draft-wall. I know that Google and the Wayback machine still know everything, but I needed to clean out everything for the next venture.

Some of those old posts may come back if particularly well written and of good subject matter.

March 3rd 2004 was a good day. Bought this domain, set up MovableType, and started blogging about whatever random stuff made sense.

June 1st 2015 was also a good day. Bought a house, began the move, and started setting down roots permanently in the city I love.

This blog is going to be some parts /r/TalesFromTechSupport, some parts daily musings, some parts politics, but I’m going to keep a journal of everything.

My grandfather, still to this day, keeps a date book. What the temperature was, how much rain, what he did that day. It’s not much more than a few scribbled sentences.

Time to scribble my own sentences.